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PRIZM is a fully decentralized, self-regulating digital cryptocurrency. Allowing any of its owners to generate new coins, easily and securely store them and transfer from person to person directly – without banks.

It is not the number of participants that is important, but their total balance. Balance is growing fast. 1000 coins are collected in 1-2 days and very often much faster. 10,000 coins per week, 100,000 coins per month. More details can be found in the section OUR RESULTS

Since March 25, 2018, the PAROVOZ PRIZM team has its own exchange on which anyone can exchange in the following areas:

YandexMoney -> PRIZM -> YandexMoney
AdvCash -> PRIZM -> AdvCash
PerfectMoney -> PRIZM -> PerfectMoney
NixMoney -> PRIZM -> NixMoney

Forging is the generation of new blocks. Generate new blocks can only:

  1. participants who have more than 1,000 coins on their balance sheets;
  2. the computer has a white IP address on the Internet;
  3. installed special software.

Buy more than 1000 coins and register in the 1000+ branch, this will allow you to have more than 18% para-mining per month in a month.

There are two branches: 50+ and 1000+, their construction will continue. There will be no side branches. This will allow you to quickly obtain the highest possible command rate. No other structure in PRIZM is capable of this. To get twice as much in money, you need to double your balance. Participation in PAROVOZ PRIZM is completely passive – increase your own balance, share your impressions with friends – this is more than enough.

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