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The table is updated on Wednesday and Saturday. The table shows the balance of your structure, the number of participants registered under you and their balance sheets.

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The special feature of PRIZM cryptocurrency is that the speed of its mining strongly depends on the balance on the wallets of followers – those to whom you or your invitees have transferred the first coin to the wallet.


Parovoz PRIZM – builds you a team automatically. And when registering with our locomotive, in a month you will have a generation of more than 12% per month, and then 18% or more with your passive participation.


Construction in the «PAROVOZ PRIZM»

To date, a thousand coins under each participant are accumulated, in the 1000+ branch per day, and in the 50+ branch in two or three days. This allows each participant to get a raising factor and significantly increase the generation of coins.


In this case, each participant can – both increase the balance of his wallet, and invite new participants, and both actions are very beneficial for the speed of para-mining of all participants of a locomotive! All members of the locomotive receive a multiplying factor.

By inviting a new member to the PRIZM Locomotive, you can confidently say that he will necessarily have a generation from 300% to 1500% per year.


We are one team! We are a single train!

Other structures

The fan-star system means that you will actively begin to disseminate information about the PRIZM cryptocurrency and will be able to do it yourself or by inviting active participants to create a team of more than 1000 coins – if you are capable of it – you do not need to register with the locomotive.


Working on the system “fan”, you can not be sure that all your invitees will have a multiplying factor. And consequently the majority of your invitees will remain with the generation of 4% -5% per month, until PERSONALLY themselves begin to work by invitation.

But even this does not guarantee that you will ever have a decent balance under you. As soon as your lower participants, having 4-5% per month, find out about PAROVOZ PRIZM – they will move there – and they will have 15% in a month without effort. And your structure will melt like ice cream on a hot day.


Look ahead confidently! The team PAROVOZ PRIZM refers to the heads of the structures – register with the locomotive and tell your structure about the locomotive and all your members will be under you and will not be offended by you. WE ALL RECOGNIZE STRICTLY IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. By the time you fill out the questionnaire.


Welcome to the PAROVOZ PRIZM.

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