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From December 17 to February 01, the PAROVOZ PRIZM team holds an action:



At the time of the promotion registration fee
in the branch 50+ = 15 coins
1000+ branch = 50 coins
the transition from 50+ в 1000+ = 35 coins.

first competition

1st place – the participant who invited the maximum number of NEW PARTICIPANTS receives a prize of 50 coins for the guest.

2nd place – 40 coins per guest.

3rd place – 30 coins per guest.

Other participants who invited more than 1 participant will receive an incentive prize of 20 coins for each guest, fulfilled the conditions of the branch at the time of summarizing



competition number 2

Encouragement prize in the amount of 100 coins to each bought more than 1000 coins in the 1000+ branch on PRIZMEX.RU 100 coins will be paid on February 3 – after summing up the results of the action at the Saturday webinar.
Who purchased 1000 coins during the promotion – fill out this form.

Invited members do not have the right to reduce the balance below the level of a branch within a month from the date of registration. In case of a decrease at the time of the competition, the participant is not considered.


competition number 3

Сompetition: «Best week video» — video review about cryptocurrency Prizm or team Parovoz.

Participate video reviews listed in the questionnaire.

Participating videos that have scored more than 300 views.

The winner is the one who gets the most views and receives 200 coins.

The rest of the participants with over 300 views receive a prize of 50 coins.


competition number 4

“Change the information background”

After writing the commentary, fill in the form on the website of the Parovoz prizm “Change the background” – the information will be checked.

Instructions on writing will be in Skype technical support chat on the site PAROVOZ PRIZM

For each review, there will be a reward of 5 prizm.

Instruction on writing will be in Skype chat activists.


Those who wish to help our campaign financially can send a donation with a comment.

Wallet “Development Fund PAROVOZ-PRIZM”



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