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Fully decentralized, self-regulated digital currency. The new implementation of the concept of cryptocurrency, allowing any user to easily and securely store and make money transfers directly, as if the transfer of cash from hand to hand.

  • The only cryptocurrency with ideology.
  • Its generation does not require computational power. Mining is available on any phone.
  • Instant transactions – transfer lasts no longer than 1 minute.
  • The rate of generation of new coins in your wallet depends on two factors: personal balance and structure under your wallet.
  • A team of like-minded people who build your structure together with you, and this several times increases the generation of new coins in the wallets of the PAROVOZ PRIZM participants.
  • The team PAROVOZ PRIZM has its own tech support – skype chat.
  • There is a private exchange with benefits for members of our team.
  • We conduct weekly webinars where everyone gets answers to their questions.
  • Our results are public, everyone can see how the structure is built under it and what balances among other participants.


The “PAROVOZ PRIZM” team allows each participant to have a new PRIZM cryptocurrency generation in a wallet from 8% to 18% or more percent per month or from 300% to 800% per year.

What is needed for this – read in the “Registration” section.


It’s simple! This is our motto.

Our simple and accessible text and video instructions, as well as webinars will help you:
– create a cabinet,
– register it in the PAROVOZ,
– top up at a favorable rate.

And in the future it is profitable to exchange coins for fiat money.


Teamwork allows any participant to achieve fantastic results with minimal effort.

Our team of professionals is always in touch.

See the “Technical Support” section.

3 registration branches

1 +

If you are new and want to know how it works PAROVOZ PRIZM, then click on the button to register with the parovoz prizm in this thread. 

1 +
If you have more than 36 600 coins, fill out the form in this thread.
1 +
If you have more than 1 000 coins, fill out the form in this thread.

Profitability of the PAROVOZ PRIZM Branch 50+

Profitability of the PAROVOZ PRIZM Branch 1000+



exchange directions:
YandexMoney -> PRIZM -> YandexMoney
AdvCash -> PRIZM -> AdvCash
PerfectMoney -> PRIZM -> PerfectMoney
NixMoney -> PRIZM -> NixMoney
PayPal -> PRIZM -> PayPal

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